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I was born in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in 1971, the youngest of three boys. My earliest involvement in music began at age 11 when I learned to play pop music and read numerous types of music. I began to study classical music in depth and had aspirations of playing Beethoven sonatas and Chopin waltzes and preludes. My classical musical studies continued well past age 12 and I eventually became involved with jazz music at age 19. My first recollection of jazz was when I was 13 hearing a piano trio with a vocalist on television and I was instantly attracted to the density of chords and complexity of rhythm.  Ever since then I wanted to play jazz.

I attended Capilano College in North Vancouver, British Columbia to further my studies. Here I had the privilege of being taught under Juno winner Brad Turner, Miles Black and Ross Taggart.  Brad gave me inspiration and was the first teacher who was very honest about my playing.  Without him, I doubt I would still be in music.

After college, I traveled around the world on crusie ships playing in different scenarios such lounge quartet, solo piano and showband.  Through these experiences I was able to accompany Regis Philbin and entertainers who appeared on Late Night with David Letterman and The Tonight Show. 

Soon after my tenure on cruise ships, I began playing with a jazz trio and various other pop and rock bands back in Vancouver.  I quickly realized that my real love was playing jazz and I decided to make jazz my most prominent style of music to play.  Soon after that decision was made, I was able to obtain bookings at the Vancouver Jazz Festival, the Pender Jazz Festival and other local work in town. 

Currently, I find myself writing for the vocals for the trio and will soon be starting a new project consisting of the already existing trio with the addition of a vocalist. 

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